8th Annual Frankfort Film Festival

OCTOBER 20-23, 2016

Welcome to the 8th Annual Frankfort Film Festival, presented by Northway Orthodontics, happening October 20-23 at the historic Garden Theater in downtown Frankfort, Michigan.

The 2016 Frankfort Film Festival will screen 20 award-winning films from around the globe. Filmmakers for three of this year's films will be in attendance at the festival. Plus, three short films produced by students of Interlochen Arts Academy's Motion Picture Arts program will be shown preceding three daily feature films.

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The following films are on our short list to screen and will be "blooming soon" in The Garden. While we cannot guarantee these movies will be shown, it is our intent to bring them to the big screen in downtown Frankfort.

Ever wonder why The Garden doesn't publish a film schedule greater than a week in advance or why it takes so long to show a popular movie? Well, you are not alone!

In the new digital age, the studios are printing fewer and fewer copies of their movies. Studios decide which venues get the best films and the multiplex theaters that show several movies every day are given preference over single-screen, art-house cinemas like us. Subsequently, we often have to wait a few extra weeks to bring you the best movies.

Thank you for waiting to see your favorite films at The Garden!